Zygor Guide Review

Zygor Guide Review

After nearly a year of working on them, John Cook of Zygor Guides has eventually released his all in-game leveling guide for Warcraft. John had formerly written guides for the Horde and for the alliance, eac of which were excellent, and I knew that if his new leveling guides were anything like his prior ones they were going to be great.
When I eventually got a glance at Zygor Guides in-game leveling guides all I could say was Wow! They looked even more extraordinary then I thought they’d. The Horde leveling guide has a record leveling time to 70 of under 6 days. That is fast. Based on the quality, ease of use, and leveling speed, I’ll say that right now Zygor Guides in-game leveling guides are the best and fastest leveling guides for world of warcraft.
The guide itself is an upgrade that requires installation. It is 100% legal and great measure has been taken to make sure the it doesn’t meddle with any current add-ons you may be using. Included is a video showing you the best way to install the guide so you will not have any issues.
The guide is very clean looking and awfully user friendly. It’s also full of all of the info you require to level intensely fast. No more alt-tabbing out of the game or having to play in windowed mode so you can refer to the PDF or printed version. Having to look up information on thottbot will no longer be necessary.
Zygor Guides in-game leveling guides are based mostly on questing and as such include who to talk to and where, what quests to choose up and turn in, and where and how to do the quests. Included is contain a starter guide for each race, Horde and coalition. One of the best things about Zygor Guides in-game leveling guides is they take into consideration each class, not just hunters as most other guides do.
Head over to Zygor Guide site now.
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Zygor Guide Review

Xbox 360 from the RROD

3 tips to fix your Xbox 360 from the RROD

The red ring of death (RROD) is like a disease. Once your Xbox 360 is infected with it, gaming stops instantly and repairing without sending it to Microsoft (if your still under warranty) or without the proper knowledge is virtually impossible.

Fortunately, there is a viable alternative to sending your Xbox 360 to Microsoft and actually repairing your Xbox 360 from the comfort of your own home.

Here are three tips on how to fix your Xbox 360 at home:

Tip #1

  • First thing you need to do is make sure your Xbox 360 is nowhere near anything that can cause it to overheat. If the vents are blocked, filled with dust or the console is near something else that also gives off a tremendous amount of heat, that could be one of the reasons why it now has the red ring of death.Once you have gotten your Xbox 360 away from heat sources and hopefully are able to place it near a window or fan, then your console might be able to continue functioning.

Tip #2

  • Second thing you need to check out is the Xbox 360 power brick or the big bulky thing that is connected to the power cord for those who don’t know what I am talking about. This power brick should not be near anything that can cause it to heat up as that could also be your problem.Clean out the power brick of any dust and off the floor, practiculalry carpet flooring, to keep it cool and running the way it should.

Tip #3

  • Finally, if you haven’t caught on already, make sure your Xbox 360 is in an area of your room that will be cool or invest in a fan to place near it to keep it cool. The key is to avoid the RROD at all costs by trying to prevent overheating.

Xbox Red Ring of Death Fix- Easy Methods For Fixing The Ring of Death

Xbox Red Ring of Death Fix- Easy Methods For Fixing The Ring of Death

There are a lot of complaints about today’s video game consoles and their increased failure rates. The Xbox 360, especially, is notorious for the 3 red light failure — but an Xbox red ring of death fix isn’t very difficult to accomplish. Actually, problems like the 3 red light failure can very easily be fixed by just about anybody — you can do it on your own. All you really need is a little know how and a little more savvy, and it’s possible.
There are a lot of options and instructions online for anyone who owns an Xbox 360 and needs it fixed, particularly involving the Xbox red ring of death fix. According to SquareTrade, the Xbox 360 has a 23.7% failure rate, meaning that almost 1/4 of all 360 owners have had their systems fail. You’re not alone in that headache. With or without the red lights, welcome to Microsoft’s world.
You have two options if you want to fix the “red rings of death” (the 3 red light error). First, you can contact Microsoft to have them fix it. Of course, if your unit’s warranty expired, it will cost you over $100. Your other option is to do it yourself. This, obviously, is the best way. Not only is this method safe, it’s also infinitely cheaper.
If you can find a guide and some bravery, you can find an Xbox 360 3 red lights fix. There are many easy methods that you can find, and you can have your system working in under an hour. Watching those little red lights blink isn’t the end for your console. Just give fixing it yourself a shot — you’ll like the results.

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